Jola creates by designs with cut paper photographed leaves a new nature in the form of animation film. She is often praised as a pioneer in the use of hand-made animation. Jola Hesselberth is an interdisciplinary artist who experiments with different materials and techniques, including drawing, photography, and animation. She cuts her paper in elegant lines. Exuberant and colorful shapes and floating forms; but all of them are inextricably linked by their female and imagining the inner world, her desire for the elusive trying to understand. 
The designer's intention is to the mixture of light and nature in by fusing. Her work is about light.

I am interested in the meaning of the presence of space; that is the area where you feel a presence. Almost an entity – that physical feeling and strength that space.

Jola is best known for its programs at VPRO television and Sesame Street and writing songs together with Henny Vrienten.