foto Jola2

My drawings, I call them also a ‘harmonic vibration’, it refers to the realization of a volcano before the eruption. Silence is my instrument in this. Consider myself sometimes more a healer ,than an artist. Each drawing says something, it is a story that I would not be able to tell and know without the vibration of the drawings and or movies. Silence is a good tool to inspire people and their own creativity.

My work began with cinematic animations, drawings, movies and songs for TV movies, Sesame Street and cinema. Highlighted by my long animation film 'Me' by 60 min. I tell stories of the heart and not the head. It is not a narrative in traditional sense. Stories about you feel safe, within yourself. For all my movies I wrote my own lyrics. Playing with words, as with colors. I see it in the same creation. For me is a word, a sound, a vibration, any word on itself, it resonates just like colors. The pleasure of writing and composing of my own songs, a transitional phase to my later abstract films.

In my song-movies I wanted only to tell about a mood, a sense. As if I could take them on a journey, in image and in Word. How more abstract the theme was, the more I could empathize. 
For my movies I received international film awards, precisely because of my manual way of working and the intuitive narration. Making you look and feel within the two layers in your life.
I'm with animation, because I could bring people in my trip, increase the size of the world. A new world for new dreams.

In my movies for invidual Art public spaces, I increasing to develop films at a more deeper meditative way. Cinematic animations, shifts into light, colors, patterns, transformation, movement and pulse. Playing with time and space. They invite you to surrender to my Visual world in quiet time-rhythm.
Would like to inspire people with 'silence' on various public spaces. Like I do at the NS Dutch Railways and in the art project 'Jola & The Messenger'.
If you silence develops it offers you, to give yourself the chance to return to yourself. You reflect, relax and thereby to be creative again. In a world where we live,everything always but speeds up and the volume increases. You should just switch back, slow down and look up the silence. I want people to see me as one who is very practical, as someone who helps them silence in the space to implement. Silence you have to want, can also accept, you have to be open. That's my job as an artist, helping people.
Each body cell has its own memory, if you want to 'reset', you need to rearrange those experiences. So that all the cells in your body, can feel happy again. 

Jola & The Messenger and Mauna Loa are a part of Cinamatic Animations. Jola & The Messenger is a an audiovisual duo. Our project ' The Sun Songs ' is a series of cinematic animations performed live with the sound of the trumpet and electronics. Hear these songs together as a cycle each song has its own quality and ambience. With a jazzy attitude, invite you to surrender to the Visual world and easy rhythm in the way of your own silence. In Mauna Loa is an artproject,meeting harmonic drawing and animatins lines, vibrations. Connection between heaven and Earth. Sharing and rediscover of wondering.

With my drawings I experience my own personal silence process. Working with pencil on paper. It is an intuitive process. In which I develop my drawings, resulting in an almost meditative object consisting of lines and shapes. It is a personal process of surrender.
The works are as follows; I put a large white (80 x 70 )sheet of paper in front of me. Use graphite pencils, colored pencils, and oil crayons. And make use of a pendulum. Standing before the large sheet of white paper, focus myself and give myself a theme, and scan the paper with the pendulum in my right hand. This process gives me the central focus locations and the long lines and shapes. This note in the form of dots on the paper as lines, they appear like the true one befor me. The forms appear in greater clarity for my inner eye. In the concentration which areas the lines are and which the areas of colour. The entire process is a closed process. I see it often when a piece of music, everything is a narrative and also the voids.
The watercolor work is there another meditative process, the more the inner knowing from the paint, as if I here the world again, lovely wants to make.
And in the repeating line-art I give myself over to the repetition ,empty of the thoughts, to clean. It is the inner knowing over, but it is in a state as nature itself. Because of this, there are also often natural forms.

We are nature, the unbalance and balance in this find, and seeing everything in relation to in the great universe as part of in ourselves and in the world as a whole universe.