Silence is the key word in my collection. Silence inspires people and stimulaties creativity.
My art reflects the harmonious vibrations just before a volcano erupts. Sometimes I see myself more as a healer rather than an artist. All my creations have a story to tell, they start with the vibrations I feel and than turn into a drawing or film.

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This collection is divided into 3 stand alone segments

Premium collection

Original Jola Hesselbeth’s. All drawing’s have a unique number and come with an official certificate so you know you have the original.

Interior designs

This collection has a focus on reproduction specially for interior brands. It can be used on carpets, ceramic, wallpaper and more.

limited editions

This collection has a fixed size and are produced in a small quantity.


Here you will find films Jola makes. She does not only make the film but also writes the text and the lyrics to the music. The films are bespoke projects.


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