Vj Lightpaintings


Nature. Jola Hesselberth is a Dutch artists who mainly photography and animation explores by making abstract compositions. Try to touch the unknown, as she calls it. Jola creates by her play with leaves a new nature.Hesselberth is often hailed as a pioneer in utilizing handmade animation as a garment construction technique, and as an innovator who is comfortable with using technology as one of the guiding principles in her work because of its sculptural nature and unfamiliar form. The designer’s intent is to blend the light and nature into by fusing traditional craftsmanship of filmmaker (filmmaking), and inventing of new light.

Photograpic. Hesselberth's abstract compositions of colors and geometric shapes are commonly known as a mythical, magical.
Her exquisite photographic images and movies, are regarded as a sophisticated aesthetics. Her pictures and animations have to be compared to the color field paintings.
Jola Hesselberth is an interdisciplinary artist who experiments with different materials and techniques, including drawing, photography and animation. She cuts her paper in elegant lines. Exuberant and colorful shapes and floating forms; but all of them are inextricably linked by their female and imagining her dream, her longing for the elusive trying to understand. Her Buddhist background is visible. 

Spaces. She is inspired by the leaves and light spaces in nature. She draws them and re-creates them in new designed paper sheets. Causing A new nature (that has been )is created. To design a natural atmosphere with some peace of mind, as in nature itself. In photographed images and animations.

Light. Her work is about light. I’m also interested in the sense of presence of space; that is space where you feel a presence. Almost an entity – that physical feeling and power that space can give.

Films. Her singular vision combined with the complexity of her creations has made Hesselberth work for VPRO Dutch Television and Sesame Streat. Hesselberth's animation films 'I've Got It' and 'I' Big Feature Films were nominated for 'Golden State' for scenario and direction, 2000. And her movie 'Wishdream', a music movies. A roadmovie and theatershow. She wrote songs for her theater show, Wensdroom. Jola has a very good collaboration with her solid composer Hennie
Vrienten. He composed a lot of music for her. And Hennie also made Jola to write her own songs. Jola’s long movie (60 min) released earlier in Cannes. Jola is especially known for her love for manual animation. She received the Charlotte Köhler Price and the ‘Prix Jeunesse München’ for her work.

Handcraft. Her films have also taken a public place, through collaboration with the Dutch railways, at the central stations and on trains, this is a collaboration that already exists from 2014. In addition, her films have taken a public place in the annual recurring evolution with the Textile Museum, where the connection of woven fabrics, handcraft and animation goes hand in hand.

Music. Her aesthetic viewpoint has inspired collaborations with with progressive musicians such as Hennie Vrienten, Daniël Daniel Lohues, Jack Poels, Bob Vosko, Spinvis for her songs. She has often collaborated with various artist like Anthon Beeke, Dick Hauser and Toneelgroep Amsterdam, Butterfly Works.

Jola & The Messenger. Today, Hesselberth continues to work in her Kaatsheuvel studio , where her new ideas are born, and where she lives near a big forest for her constant inspiration and living. Her films crafted and filmed each creation passing through the designer's own hands for her new nature spaces. She also compiles her own soundscapes for her spaces.
'What is important to me is to create an experience of wordless thought(S)' Together with Gijs Levelt { COMPOSER } and Dick Hauser {DIRECTION}