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Driven by the force of nature and with the urge to create a world where we live in harmony with nature. To guide our cities towards a better future. 

The Dutch visual artist Jola Hesselberth started her project Timeless Nature 01 at the request of the Dutch Railways. Ever since 2015, Jola’s animated movies are shown at train stations throughout the Netherlands. As from this year, these short movies are also played in six hunderd of trains in the country for passengers to see.

In Timeless Nature 01, Jola literally tries to make timeless connections between human and nature by abstracting this nature, present in the direct environment of humans, and implementing it in moving and itself repeating material. Jola reinvents nature and films new forms of nature for urban areas where there is no nature to be found.

For Timeless Nature 01, Jola was inspired by elements that are typical for Dutch nature with regard to shapes, movements and colours. She found this inspiration close to home, in the National Park De Loonse en Drunense Duinen. Her animated movies almost have hypnotical effects on the viewer and contribute to a feeling of silence, peace and experiencing the moment here and now: elements that are becoming more and more scarce in our daily life.

By bringing nature experiences into a completely different environment, Jola is now working on the sequel to Timeless Nature 01. For TN 02 she wants to find inspiration in the South-European landscape (France). For TN 03, Jola has set her mind on the Middle East (Turkey). In the coming years, Jola wants to move further from home in the search for inspiration for her Timeless Nature project. As such, she is now also considering India.

Her methodology:

  1. Preliminary research: books/conversations with clients/goal framing/conversations with locals
  2. On-site observations (inspiration)
  3. Creation phase and production

The movies can be shown in all kinds of ways: from a specially created silence room to huge projections on facades or – like in the Netherlands – on screens in trains. 

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